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Rochester Cleaning Company is an on-demand cleaning service provider offering an all-natural and hassle-free cleaning service in the Rochester MN area. Easy to book and hassle-free, we take pride in making cleaning easier, more accessible, and more affordable be it in residential, commercial, rental, or any other space that requires cleaning and sprucing up.

We understand how important it is to keep your space clean and how much of a challenge this could be in a fast-paced world. For those instances when you can no longer find the time to tidy things up, give us a call and well will do the work for you.

Our easy and hassle-free booking process means we will be there on the day and at the specific time you need us to clean for you. Whether it is the place you live, work, or play, expect us to provide the best cleaning solutions not only for your specific cleaning needs but also for your budget. Our customized service ensures that homeowners, renters, rental space owners, and anybody that requires a good, thorough and reliable cleaning service will get exactly the kind of service they need.

We take the role we play in preserving the environment and we are committed to only using products and employing environmentally-conscious practices. Using only all-natural products, you do not just get your place cleaned and spruced up, but you can be assured that you will stick to your values when you choose us.

At Rochester Cleaning Company, we tap local products and partners to promote local businesses as well as foster a sense of community. For a cleaning service that is easy, thorough, efficient, affordable, and hassle-free, you’ll never find a better choice than Rochester Cleaning.