Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Rochester MN

One of the services we provide at Rochester Cleaning is Deep Cleaning. Different from regular or standard cleaning, it requires a more thorough and intensive cleaning where areas that are usually not covered by regular cleaning are paid attention.

At Rochester Cleaning Company, standard cleaning usually involves mopping and vacuuming the floors, cleaning up the bathroom and the kitchen, and generally tidying the place up. Deep cleaning goes beyond that. It goes beyond the superficial and instead focuses on going the extra mile to clean your place up.

If standard cleaning is what you do to maintain the cleanliness level in your home, commercial or rental space, deep cleaning is something that is usually done once every six months or annually. The cleaning tasks involved are considerably different as deep cleaning is meant to reach the dirt and grime that lie deep in your home.

Deep cleaning is what we recommend our clients go for first when signing up for our services for the very first time. If you have just hosted a major gathering in your home, it is ideal to sign up for a deep cleaning afterwards to make sure that your home will be back to its immaculate, sparkling clean state. Once that is done, you can then sign up for regular standard cleaning for maintenance.

Deep cleaning involves all the things that a standard cleaning offers and more. When we perform deep cleaning for you, expect the tile grout, wastebaskets sanitized, and fingerprints wiped off of your door frames.

When we clean your kitchen, we do not just dust, wipe, and clean off the surfaces visible to the eyes. We go beyond that. For instance, expect us to pay attention not just inside but also behind your oven and your microwave, behind your fridge, and individual kitchen knickknacks cleaned among others. We will also vacuum and clean under your bed as well as on the carpet edges. We will not just dust your ceiling fans, they will be wiped too. Upholstery and furniture will be vacuumed and we will wipe down your ledges and windowsills as well as dust your mini-blinds.

When you sign up for deep cleaning, you can expect that your home will not just be clean when we are done. Expect that it will be super clean. With deep cleaning, more attention is paid on the nitty-gritty. Despite your best efforts, there will always be those parts of your home that do not usually get all the attention and cleaning they require. With deep cleaning, you can trust that every corner of your hub will be cleaned up, making it all set and ready for future cleaning sessions.

Due to the attention to detail required in performing a deep clean, it is going to cost you more too. While we have our own standardized cleaning system at Rochester Cleaning, we always value your input especially if you would prefer a customized deep cleaning process. We encourage you to let us know if there are any special requests that you want us to do so we can also do the best we can to accommodate them.

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