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Standard Cleaning Rochester MN

There is more to life than spending your weekends cleaning. Let Rochester Cleaning do the dirty work and the heavy lifting for you. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial cleaning services to fit your specific cleaning needs.

If your place needs some basic cleaning, our Standard Cleaning service would be perfect for you. Straightforward and affordable, it is ideal for those homes that do not really require intensive cleanup, but one where some basic dusting and sweeping and vacuuming are required just to maintain its spotless, impeccable state.

We know how hard it is to keep the dirt and dust at bay at home especially when you have work and family to attend to. If you choose Standard Cleaning, we will have one of our representatives come to your place to get a good grasp of the area and the specific areas you need us to pay attention to. Expect that we will not waste time in getting your place dirt and dust-free.

Parts of the tasks you can expect us to do when performing standard cleaning include vacuuming and dusting not only the visible areas of your home but also those places that barely receive attention, if at all. We take pride in our thorough and methodical cleaning techniques so believe us when we say we will never leave any stone unturned in our quest to make your home that conducive hub for you and your loved ones.

Come home to a polished, dusted, and vacuumed interior. We will scrub and disinfect your sink and a sparkling stove top. We will get your shower and tub scrubbed and cleaned too. If your wastebaskets are full, we will empty them for you. Expect your floors to get mopped and your carpeted areas to be vacuumed. We will even make your bed. `From the bedroom to the kitchen, expect to come home to a spruced up space with our Standard Cleaning.

Note that we allow you to customize the cleaning service to fit your needs. We can certainly accommodate extra services and expect that they will be performed at very reasonable rates. We are dedicated to making your life better so if there are specific things that you need us to do, give us a heads up and we will do all that we can to accommodate them for you.

Our Standard Cleaning isn’t just a one-time thing too, if you are more than pleased with our work, which
we can guarantee you would- you can book us to perform scheduled cleaning for you. We want to help
make it more than possible for you to enjoy a cleaner, greener and better space. Whether it is your
home, office, business, rental properties, and any such other space, expect that Rochester Cleaning will always
come up with the best cleaning solutions.

For those instances when you would rather bond with the kids than spend the day scrubbing windows
or dusting furniture, for those times when you’d rather unwind and relax than spend the day vacuuming
your floors, Rochester Cleaning Company’s affordable Standard Cleaning will be just right for you.

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